Re: MacIE5 Beta

[Tantek Çelik]
>We are conducting technical beta tests of MacIE5, and I wanted to take this
>opportunity to invite members of the www-style list to participate.
>MacIE5 features a new rendering engine (Tasman) one of whose goals (which
>members of this list will hopefully find of interest) is full CSS1 support.
>More info for the curious:

Is the full CSS1 support intended to be in the beta?

Is support for XML+CSS in the beta?

Is the XML/XSL support mentioned in the Web Standards press release
included in the beta?

If so, is the XSL implementation an implementation of the same language as
IE 5 for Windows, or of a more recent WD or PR?

What's the minimum processor/OS requirements for IE 5?

Depending on the answers to these questions, I might be interested, but I
thought others on the list might want to see the answers.


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Received on Tuesday, 2 November 1999 04:49:32 UTC