Re: The \ escape character in the "content" property.

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:29:36 +0100 (MET), Nicolas Lesbats
( wrote:
> 	E:after { content: "A word\AAnother word" }
> How will the UA undertand the \ escape character ? Like \A or like \AA ?
> Is this example CSS-conformant ? Is an white space required after any
> escape sequence ? And before ?

These rules are defined in section 4.1.3 [1] of CSS2 (and more formally
in 4.1.1 [2]).

In this case, it is interpreted as \AA.  A unicode character escape
will suck up up to six hexidecimal digits following the backslash.
There is also an optional whitespace character following the character
escape which will not be treated as part of the string.  My test for
browser treatment of these escapes shows NGLayout supports one simple
form, and neither IE, Opera, nor NN4 support them at all [3].

Ways to do what I think you want are (in theory):

"A word\A Another word"
"A word\0A Another word"
"A word\00A Another word"
"A word\00000A Another word"
"A word\00000AAnother word"
"A word\
Another word"  /* by just escaping an LF character */



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