I think another value could be added to the font-style property, which
would be :

E { font-style: reverse(italic, normal) }

If the parent "font-style" value is "normal", the E element will take
an "italic" value (and vice versa).

With this, there wouldn't be a problem with the <Em> element anymore.
Before :

Em { font-style: italic }
Em Em { font-style: normal }

Problem : if you have, for example

P.note { font-style: italic }

any <EM> element within a paragraph with class="note" attribute won't be

I don't know if the "reverse()" value could be extended to another
property, and if the compatibility would be respected if the <Em> element
was defined by :

Em { font-style: italic reverse(italic, normal) }


Received on Thursday, 25 March 1999 09:14:54 UTC