Re: Browser collapsing due overflow

gordon wrote:

> Just how big is this sheet?

I don't know how big in K's it is, but we're talking about a 40 to 50 lines
sheets (therefore, no longer than 3k).
Each line, only describes a single class. Example:
.normal {color:#FFFFFF; font-size:10pt; font-family:arial,serif,sans-serif}

(and so on...)

>  I've had as many as half a dozen 15k sheets
> active in a browser at the same time without crashing it (that's 90k of
> sheet<g>).

Right now, i'm talking of only ONE sheet.
Now i'm thinking about using more than one sheet at the time. This means,
divide the classes between them.

>  Have you eliminated all other possibilities?

Yes I have (as long as I know).
But maybe i'm forgeting something. What else could crash my browser.
It's definitely not the HTMl tags nor the Java.

> later,
> gordon
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> From: Luis Carlos Kim Latos <>
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> Sent: Monday, March 15, 1999 11:15 AM
> Subject: Browser collapsing due overflow
> >Hello.
> >
> >I'm designing a site using Style Sheets for the first time.
> >My prior idea was using only one CSS archive containing all the classes
> >i'm using along the site and referencing to it by the LINK tag.
> >The problem i had is that my browser collapses. It seems like there's
> >too much info an overloads the memory.
> >Sometimes it happens merly at the loading of the first page, and some
> >other times after 5 o 6 browsed.
> >
> >So, my question is?
> >How many classes can (or should) i declare in a single archive?
> >In case it's better to use single archives (with especific classes) ...
> >how many can i load in one single page?
> >
> >Thanks.

Luis Carlos

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