Re: a simple question

I wrote:
>> The answer with 'color' and 'background-color' is to *always* specify
>> them together, and *never* use 'background-color: transparent'.

Braden wrote:
> There is no reason not to use "background-color: transparent" as
> long as you know what the underlying background is.

Absolutely. Unfortunately, you never know what the underlying
background is, because of user stylesheets.

Why do you think lints complain when you don't specify a
background-color for your color? It is because then the
background-color will be transparent (initial value, background-color
is not inherited), and so it could clash with the user stylesheet.

> (that is, you have set it elsewhere)

There is no guarantee that any rules you write will not be overridden
by a user stylesheet.

Todd wrote:
> I think the solution depends on a somewhat fuzzy notion of
> "reasonable and prudent" rather than on some algorithm being
> implemented flawlessly.

Yes, I think this is about the only workable solution. 

Ian Hickson 
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