Re: Style sheets in xhtml + confusing text in xhtml draft

I'm definately speaking for my self here and not the WG

If the document is sent with an xml mime it will use the PI, if with an HTM
mime it will use the link element.

That's how it works in IE5 at present.

If an xhtml mime ever gets approved we will have to work out whether PI's
and links should cascade or not, and what the rules for this are. As PI's
would come before the html root element, and links would have to be in the
head, using the present rules of cascade links would take precedence over
all PIs.

Frank Boumphrey

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> I don't know if these points have been mentioned before, but...
> The recent xhtml 1.0 draft [1] does not indicate how a user agent should
> process a document wherein style sheets are referenced by *both* link
> elements and PIs. I would assume it should treat these mechanisms as
> equivalent, and simply process the styles sheets in order -- is that a
> correct assumption?
> In looking for clarification, I noted that the text of the draft [1] does
> not mention the document "Associating Style Sheets with XML ..."  [2],
> although it appears as a reference in Appendix E.  There, indeed, appear
> to be several other "references" in [1] (CC/PP, CSS2, RFC2396, RFC2376,
> RFC2396, RFC2068, RFC2045, that are not actually referred to in the text.
> I know this section is only informative, but this is a tad confusing, and
> could easily be fixed.
> [1]
> [2]
> Ian
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