RE: problems with z-index

I presume you're using Internet Explorer.  This is a well-known bug.  Select
is a windowed control (meaning, IE instantiates the actual Windows drop-down
list-box control as a window); unfortunately, it's not possible to draw over
another window from a window beneath it.  It's not possible to hide part of
the SELECT control in IE4/5 - if you want to hide the entire control, you
can set visibility:hidden (or display:none) on the control.
-Chris Wilson

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Subject: problems with z-index

have following problem...
i´m working with different layers defined by style-sheets. on the layer with
the smallest z-index a <FORM> is placed. i want this form to be invisible
for a while. all form elements ARE invisible,  EXPET the <SELECT>. does
anoyone know why???
thanx for support
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