Further errors in CSS specifications (very minor errors)

Firstly, in CSS1 background-position was relative to the content edge,
in CSS2 it is relative to the padding edge. Appendix B of CSS2 does
not list this as a change, yet it is actually quite important.

Is this an error in the description of CSS2, the description of CSS1, or
CSS2's Appendix B? 

Personally, I would suggest that the background-position should be
relative to the content edge; if only so that a value of '50% 50%'
center the image under the content if the padding is unbalanced; thus
CSS2's description of the 'background-position' property would be


Secondly, a markup error in CSS1 is causing the entire document to become
emphasised in lynx.

Line 67, there is a missing </A>.


Finally, the errata document for CSS2 says:
:    Section 5.12.1
:     The rendering of the first example is:
:  will be broken into several lines.
:     while the fictional tag sequence is given as:
:  <P>;<P:first-line> This is a somewhat long HTML
:        paragraph that will </P:first-line> ...
:     The word "will" should follow the first fictional tag sequence for
:     :first-line.

There are two mistakes in the above. First, there is an extraneous
semicolon (;) in the HTML snippet after the <P>. Secondly, the final
paragraph should not have the word "first" before "fictional tag
sequence", as there is only one such tag sequence.

Ian Hickson

Received on Thursday, 14 January 1999 05:42:52 UTC