Re: Cursor/pointer image?

Eric A. Meyer writes:
> At 1:45 -0800 12/02/1999, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> >Hummm... for <uri>, is there a x-platform spec for the cursor data format?
>    Okay, does anyone know the answer to this one (yet)?  I'm going to have
> to test 'cursor: <uri>' in the CSS2 test suite, and I'd like to provide a
> test which everyone can pass without having to do browser sniffing.  For
> that matter, does anyone know of a cross-platform cursor format which
> incorporates animation?

X11 has four ways to set the cursor:

   1. By selecting a glyph from the standard cursor font that is
      present on every X installation.

   2. By selecting a glyph from any other font

   3. By providing a pair of (black & white) bitmaps in the X Bitmap
      format, one for the image and one for the transparency mask; and
      a pair of colors, one for the foreground and one for the
      background. (The files typically have extension .bm or .xbm
      and look like a C header file.)

   4. With a single image in XPM format. (Files .pm or .xpm,
      and also look like C header files.) Note that XPM is a color
      format, but cursors under X can only have two colors.

X has no built-in animation of cursors, but I'm sure somebody will
have an OpenSource subroutine for that somewhere.

A single-file format for animated cursors under X does not exist, as
far as I know.

For XPM, see

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