Re: Cursor/pointer image?

"Eric A. Meyer" wrote:
> At 1:45 -0800 12/02/1999, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> >Hummm... for <uri>, is there a x-platform spec for the cursor data format?
>    Okay, does anyone know the answer to this one (yet)?  I'm going to have
> to test 'cursor: <uri>' in the CSS2 test suite, and I'd like to provide a
> test which everyone can pass without having to do browser sniffing.  For
> that matter, does anyone know of a cross-platform cursor format which
> incorporates animation?

Cursors are handled the way font-family is.  You specify succeeding uri's for cursors, and if the UA can't use any of the cursors, then it defaults to the "generic" specified cursor at the end of the list.

So, if you want to check, you might simply verify that there is a generic cursor at the end of the list.

Otherwise, the cursor files have to be platform-specific.  With luck, browser makers (those that bother to be cross-platform, anyway) will give us a cross-platform cursor format.

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