Re: Cursor/pointer image?

At 09:53a +0100 12/02/99, Chris Lilley wrote:
>Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>  >
>  > There's a plugin <> for altering the cursor,
>  > but I think this should be a CSS thing.
>It already is, in the CSS2 spec.

Ohhhh, there it is <>.
Molto bene. :)

>  > I think it would be nice to indicate, by a change in cursor, whether a link
>  > is "local" (your site) or "remote" (someone else's site).
>Yes, by using class="offsite" on offsite links, you can do that already.

Hummm... for <uri>, is there a x-platform spec for the cursor data format?
On MacOS, a cursor is 16x16 with one of the pixels a "hot spot" -- I don't
know what cursor sizes are on different platforms, or what image formats
support indication of the hot spot (does PNG??).


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