Re: Background image display problems


Brad Lucht wrote:

> > On another test page at:
> >
> >
> >
> > I find that use of "text-align: justify" in my #main DIV
> > has some rather odd results in NS4.61, akthough IE5 works
> > fine. Can anyone tell me for sure if this is a glitch in NS
> > or something bad in my CSS?
> You don't describe what you mean my "odd results."  In my case, the margins were not obeyed in IE 5.  

I did not see this on IE5. I'll look again.

>With Netscape 4.08 the margins
> are observed correctly, but I can see the background image through the space >between each word.

Yes, this is exactly what I saw as well. (Sorry for not being more

> I am using a 15" monitor at 800x600 resolution with a color pallette of 16 bits, Win95.

I happen to be using exactly the same setup. Perhaps this IS something
related to the video drivers? Can anyone else suggest anything else?


Rick J.

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 1999 16:56:02 UTC