Re: Background image display problems

> I have a test page at:
> that uses absolute positioned blocks (fixed is what I'd have
> preferred, but they don't seem to work in any browser I've tried.

> The problem is that (when using either IE5 or NS4.61) to view
> the page, when I resize my browser window the display of the
> background images in my #sidebar and #main DIVS disappear until
> I do a reload of the page. I'm wondering if this is a problem
> in my CSS, or if this is an inherent problem common to both
> browsers.

I am using IE 5, and it looks fine, regardless of how I resize the page.  Have you played around with your PC and varied the video
resolution, color depth.  It might just be a video driver problem at your end.

Using Netscape 4.08 and resizing the page, the background does not disappear, but the text within the #main box does not resize when
I re-enlarge the browser (it remains a very narrow column of text).  This column goes back to its original width once the page is

> On another test page at:
> I find that use of "text-align: justify" in my #main DIV
> has some rather odd results in NS4.61, akthough IE5 works
> fine. Can anyone tell me for sure if this is a glitch in NS
> or something bad in my CSS?

You don't describe what you mean my "odd results."  In my case, the margins were not obeyed in IE 5.  With Netscape 4.08 the margins
are observed correctly, but I can see the background image through the space between each word.

I am using a 15" monitor at 800x600 resolution with a color pallette of 16 bits, Win95.

-- Brad Lucht

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 1999 15:42:26 UTC