Re: Property suggestions

Chris Lilley wrote:

> I didn't see anything on those pages which claimed that behaviors were
> part of CSS2. I did see some disclaimers that this was IE5 specific and
> subject to change. Could you point me to a specific reference?

I'm afraid I can't : Chris Wilson seems to have done a little cleanup
in this area and all the MS-specific "CSS2" attributes are now "proposed
new CSS attributes". I personally prefer this phrasing and thank ChrisW for that.

But I've discovered right now in MS web site an example of "behavior" that make
my hair stand on end. See at the bottom of [1].

Using one behavior declaration with a MSIE specific value, one is able to
write a document that changes the home page of your browser ! Even if
[1] mentions that user is always asked to say yes or no,

	a) I clearly see no connection with styles and CSS ;

	b) being the manager of the web architecture of a 140,000 people
           company, I consider this as a potential intrusion in our
           information system.



Received on Monday, 26 October 1998 10:53:22 UTC