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>Daniel Glazman wrote:
>> Sue Sims wrote:
>> > I haven't found a submission for the MS behavior proposal.

>> There is no formal behavior proposal. But you can find relevant
>> info on MS SiteBuilder web server in the "CSS 2 attributes list"
>> (YES : attributes !!!-(

>Actually it isn't the use of "attributes" that bothers me so much as the
>use of "CSS 2".

I found it under "CSS Attributes" as a proposed extension:

>Daniel, could you post the URL on the MS site which lists behaviors as
>part of CSS2?

mentions in the Editors Note (at the top of the article):

"Behaviors, like many of the new authoring features in Internet
Explorer 5.0, are proposed extensions to already approved World Wide
Web Consortium (W3C) standards, such as HTML 4.0 and CSS2."

The verbiage may lead to some confusion.
Sue Sims

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