Re: Property suggestions

Ian Hickson wrote:

>   <A> <B C="" onLoad="initialize(this)" style="color: black"/> </A>

Or :

   <A> <B C="" ACTION="onLoad:initialize(this)" style="color: black"/> </A>

> I believe the CSS, CAS and XML should be kept in three separate
> documents. The "adding scripting to CSS", which is basically what
> you're suggesting, is quite possibly the worst thing that could happen

	No. I am definitely not suggesting to add script to CSS. Adding
script to CSS means adding script execution to stylistic data. I am only suggesting
to agregate stylistic declarations and action declarations in the same
block if they are attached to the same selectors. Nothing more, nothing
less. This should not be an obligation, only a possibility.

> If you are suggesting CSS aquires the CAS ideas, then it is IMHO

	Again, this is not what I'm suggesting.


Received on Thursday, 22 October 1998 11:09:45 UTC