Re: Property suggestions

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Sue Sims wrote:
> > I haven't found a submission for the MS behavior proposal.
> There is no formal behavior proposal. But you can find relevant
> info on MS SiteBuilder web server in the "CSS 2 attributes list"
> (YES : attributes !!!-(

Actually it isn't the use of "attributes" that bothers me so much as the
use of "CSS 2".

Since CSS 2 is a W3C Recommendation, it clearly can't have "proposals"
in it. Things which were proposed before CSS 2 became a Recommendation
are either *in* the Recommendation (and thus, no longer proposals), or
were discussed but decided against, or were put to one side for later.

Things which were proposed *after* CSS2 became a Recommendation are
clearly not part of it, assuming that the linear flow of time applies
equally well to sftware companies as it does to everyone else ;-)

Daniel, could you post the URL on the MS site which lists behaviors as
part of CSS2?


Received on Thursday, 22 October 1998 05:27:16 UTC