Re: Property suggestions

"Braden N. McDaniel" wrote:
> > Christian Kaufhold wrote:

> > * { tooltip:attr(title) }
> > input[type=submit] { tooltip:"Submit the data" }
> >
> > a[href] { status:"Link to " attr(href) }
> > blockquote,q[cite] { status:"Quotation from " attr(cite) }
> The problem I have with these kinds of things is that they operate *outside*
> the context of the page formatting and layout. 

That depends on how you define page layout. I don't consider non-static
presentation to be outside layout, anymore than changing link colors to
indicated visited pages.

> The larger problem is that
> you're using style sheets for *content*. The content belongs in the
> document. 

I agree the content belongs in the document and I agree that using style
sheets for content is just as bad as using scripts for content.

In the second example given, though, the content was being extracted
from the document and just presented. In the first example, it is
implicit in the tag semantics.


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