Named Styles

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Great page, Ian!

I would like to contribute one suggestion: named styles -- just like in MS Word,
Pagemaker, etc.

In HTML 4, we can use CLASS (or ID) attributes.  However, those imply semantics.
But with something like

	<span class="pretty">...</span>

we're obviously interested in stylistic effect, not using the class for

If, however, we do somthing like


		font: 117% italic foofoo, fantasy;
		/* umpteen other styles omitted */


	<span style="@named(pretty)">...</span>

the intention is obvious.

I'm not sure how this would apply to XML (I'm not even sure it's intended that
XML have inline styles  -- indeed, how would such a thing even work?).  But even
in the XML world, inside linked stylesheets you could "inherit" them:

	@name(outlandish) { @named(pretty); @named(humongous); }

The concept of named styles, with all the word processors and other apps using
them, seems so obvious  that I'm sure it's been discussed before.  ???


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