Property suggestions

My suggestions for a future version of CSS:
I would not use "tooltip" (to present a tooltip over the element) as a
pseudo-element, as it has been suggested, but create it as a new
Allowed values: none | auto | [ attr(x) || string ]+ | inherit
Initial:        inherit
Applies to:     all elements
Media:          visual, interactive

I also suggest a property "status" whose content is displayed in the
status line of the browser, and which takes exactly the same values.


* { tooltip:attr(title) }
input[type=submit] { tooltip:"Submit the data" }

a[href] { status:"Link to " attr(href) }
blockquote,q[cite] { status:"Quotation from " attr(cite) }

Christian Kaufhold, Bremen, Germany

He not busy being born is busy dying. (Bob Dylan)

Received on Tuesday, 20 October 1998 14:25:15 UTC