Re: Suggested COMPROMISE for regexps (was: OPINIONS WANTED: regexps in CSS?)

4 out of 5 of the implementors have said regexps would be too complicated to
implement, much like :first-letter and :first-line. For this reason, I
suggest that regexp be included in CSS2, but as one of the "optional"
features which implementors do not *have* to implement to claim

This way, the advanced users can enhance their sites ready for
fourth-generation CSS browsers, and adventurous programmers can have a go at
adding regexp capability, but nobody has to if they don't want to.

Then, if anybody really must have the effect regexp would give they can use
CLASS=xyz, much as now to force a first letter one can use <SPAN
CLASS=firstletter>A</SPAN>, but if it is just a cosmetic change (for example
my initial idea of colour coding links), one can just use regexp.

Here is the latest opinion poll - it's now 10 for, 9 against.

*strongly for*
Todd Fahrner
William M. Perry (easy to implement, willing to help others!)
Ian Hickson

*positive views*
Braden N. McDaniel
Aymeric Poulain Maubant
Carl Johan Berglund
Eric A. Meyer (as long as it's not the *only* way of doing things)
Sevo Stille
Tim Bagot
Andrew n Marshall (nice idea, nightmare for implementation)

*no opinion*
Stephanos Piperoglou
Steven Pemberton

*negative views*
Albert Lunde
Bert Bos
Frank Boumphrey
Ian Graham
Chris Wilson (nice idea, nightmare for implementation)
Doug Rand (nice idea, nightmare for implementation)

*strongly against*
David Perrell
Sho Kuwamoto (complicated to implement)
Victoria Rosenfeld

Ian Hickson
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