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On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Gayle Kidder wrote:
> No, it's not. You can use CSS with Netscape 4+ fine. I've been doing so
> for some time. This group is just arguing the fine points of where it's
> going. And the pissing on Netscape is way out of proportion. Microsoft
> just has more resources for lobbying here.

Maybe for simple details such as text, color, and margins, but if you get
into it heavily, such as absolute positioning or overlapping margins,
Netscapes cracks real quick. As an example, here is a test site I created
months ago.  IE4 views this as if it were a framed document.

Not that IE is perfect, but it seems to do a fine job with it display
oriented attributes.

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> Gayle Kidder
> Joey Aguilera wrote:
> > 
> > Hello everyone, I just started out with CSS and I was wondering if it was
> > safe to say that most of what I do with CSS, Navigator 4+  won't understand
> > at this time?
> >

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