Re: List styles - a wish list item

I was just going through old list mail to update my www-style past
suggestions list [1], when I came across the "List styles - a wish list
item" thread.

Here is an extract for those of you who do not keep archived copies and
don't want to go to the archives.

Daniel Glazman wrote:
>Then we could have for 1st and 2nd level lists with decimal numbering
>for 1st level and lower-case alpha for 2nd something like :
>  OL { counter-reset(item) }
>  OL > LI:before { counter(item) ". " ;
>                   counter-increment: item }
>  OL > LI > OL > LI:before { content: counter(item, 1, arabic) "."
>    counter(item, 0, lower-alpha) ". " ; counter-increment: item }
>The example above is a bad example because it breaks the existing order of
>arguments of the counter functional notation. But this 'way' of doing
>nested numberings is surely another simple and low-cost solution.

It struck me that we can already do this.

OL { counter-reset(item1) }
OL > LI:before { counter(item1) ". " ; counter-increment: item1 }
OL > LI > OL { counter-reset(item2) }
OL > LI > OL > LI:before {
  counter(item1, arabic) ". " counter(item2, lower-alpha) ". ";
  counter-increment: item2 }

There is thus no need to extend the counter function.

[1]: The "www-style past suggestions list", for those who missed my initial
announcement, is a list of all the suggestions given on this list which have
not yet made their way into the specs.
It is available at
There are currently around eight ideas on the list.

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