Help w/ elements embedded in a table & IE3

I recently updated my site's primary stylesheet and later discovered that
certain elements embedded in a table display in a screwy fashion when
viewed with IE3.

Screwy behavior is define as:

1) Text in cells overlapping images
2) Text in cells vertically aligning at a point 10 inches above the window.

Certain elements are defined:

1) Embedded tables (display of elements in mother table appears normal)
2) Lists
3) Embedded paragraphs of a particular class.

I came across this problem before and, as I recall, I added something to my
TD declaration to fix the problem. Now for the life of me, I can't recreate
the fix.

Someone want to help?

Sean E. Crumley  <>
District of Columbia Public Library-Library Information Systems

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Received on Sunday, 14 June 1998 12:28:55 UTC