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FEL-X previously asked:
"In conclusion :
Ho do I set up a style sheet so it can be used on several html pages
and also works inside TABLES ?

(if I have to ise a <link rel=stlesheet href="source.css"> tag, can you
tell me how it works and what should be insode the .CSS file ?)"

> At 16:11 9/07/98 , Sue Jordan wrote:
> >Some external stylesheets are included as demos in the CSS Pointers
> >resource, and the W3C has modules and a mini-tutorial as well.
> >W3C <URL:>
Then, FEL-X responded:

> I nevertheless will finish what I started about tables
> I already read those, but found nothing about how to apply a stylesheet
> to the content of a TABLE DATA...

If you have a problem with a browser inheriting style in your table,
then include declarations on <TD> and <TH>. The Netscape document,
'Style Sheets Known Issues' may be of interest:


Netscape is particularly finicky about the syntax of the sub-set of CSS1
it supports. You might want to reference the bug/workaround table for


Sue Jordan

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