RE: OBJECT, inheritance, and rendering

>On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
>> And we still need a way in CSS to specify the various types that can appear
>> in OBJECT, unless I'm missing something that's already there.  For example,
>> something like:
>> <style type="text/css"><!--
>> 	OBJECT text { color: black; background: "bg.gif" font: 9pt courier
>> monospace }
>> 	OBJECT png  { background: transparent }
>> 	OBJECT html { color: green; background: white }
>> 	OBJECT xml  { color: maroon; background: white }
>> /* These last two could, of course, be overwritten
>>    by the LINKed, embedded or inline styles in the
>>    documents themselves
>> */

There is, in CSS2, a way to do this:
(see )

OBJECT[type="image/png"] { background: transparent }
OBJECT[type="text/html"] { margin-left: 2em }

Also, for what its worth, my opinion on text/html inclusions is that
the default background should be the UA default, and not transparent,
but that it should be allowed to be set to transparent (which would
only make a difference in inclusions).  I also think that client-side
includes would be a very good idea.. using something like a MIME type
of text/htmlfrag.

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