Re: Various Niggling CSS1 Questions

I don't particularly care for HRs being rendered "3d" by default the way
Netscape does. I prefer solid, mainly hairline rules, so have used <hr
size=1>. I've been steadily converting my HR's over to CSS as the browsers
(IE4.0 mainly) matured.

From the table of elements in Hakon's book I learn that HR is a block
element (not having thought about it) like P. I assume that all the regular
block formatting properties apply to it. I expect that to get the 3d
effect, it would come from setting the border-style. Is that correct?

For my size attribute I substitute the height property:

hr {
   background: #CCCC99;
   color: #CCCC99;
   height: 1px;
   width: 100%;

This is the code I'm using now and it works in IE4.0 PP2. Note I set both
background and foreground colors because right now IE wants the color:
property for HR, but since HR is an empty element, it should be using the
background: property instead (learned that here).


>   No, I want HRs to display but not take on any coloring; that is, display
>the usual dark-and-light-gray engraved effect that most current browsers
>use for HRs.  In the above example, all HRs would be flat blue lines, with
>no obvious engraving effects.  (Again, this is true in the browsers I've
>tested.)  Otherwise, if I want a blue forground but browser-default HRs, I
>have to declare something like:

   _/ Steve Knoblock            
   _/ City Gallery                  
   _/ Member NSA     

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 1997 17:26:51 UTC