Re: CSS in different browsers

>I've discovered that even the lates version of Netscape Navigator (4.02)
>doesn't even support CSS completely. As far as I know, IE 4.0 preview 2
>does, and of course, the full version will also do.

   IE 4.0p2, while it's far in advance of everything else, does NOT support
the full CSS1 specification.  I hope that the final release has full
support, but I'll be fairly surprised if it does.

>Does anyone know how
>much of CSS different browsers support? If anyone know, I'd be happy to get
>a list of this.

   For the Macintosh, there are some pages at:

   For all platforms, there are some pages at:

   ...and there will soon be another list, this one even more comprehensive
list than either of the other two.  Stay tuned-- the announcement will
appear on this list, among other places, and probably soon.

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Received on Tuesday, 2 September 1997 15:30:29 UTC