Re: Tables and CSS (was: With CSS how does one ALIGN block-

> Because borders fall within the margin. If vertical margins on cells
> adjusted automatically to accommodate content, the top and bottom
> cell borders would not align horizontally..

Could we do something like:

padding-top: auto
padding-bottom: auto

Or does that just make no sense whatsoever?
> Authors wanting continuous rules would use padding, not margins, on
> cells.. Authors wanting a custom 3D effect could use margins to get
> it..

Peoeple wanting unbroken borders would put the border property on TR 
or COL in that case.
> current HTML cellspacing with margins on cells, horizontal margins
> on abutting cells would have to collapse..

Horizontal margins on inline elements od not collapse, but their 
logic when applied to block level is undefined is it not?
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