Re: With CSS how does one ALIGN block-level elements?

> Centering or right-aligning block-level elements can be done by
> setting the appropriate margins to 'auto', and setting 'width' to

Okay that makes sense... but I'm guessing it's too much to expect 
that this actually works in any of the browsers...

> You cannot set it on the DIV, unless you know already what the width
> of the table will be; the width of the DIV is not dependent on the

Knowing that there is no way to get the exact behaviour of what <DIV 
ALIGN=CENTER> would do then, is there?  The best that can be done is 
to text-align center and make all it's contents inline and do each 
one with a separate DIV to make new block-level elements?
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Received on Monday, 20 October 1997 10:47:35 UTC