Re: CSS1 and tables (fwd)

MegaZone wrote:
> text editors != non-compliant HTML
> It is quite possibly to hand code complex documents in a text editor and
> be fully compliant.  I've been doing it for years.  I'll run a couple of
> checkers on my finished work - most errors end up being typos of some
> sort.

Of course it's possible.  Some even make it easy to produce 
compliant HTML.  The point being you can't have the editing
tools fix the problem.

> >I have people doing things like:
> ><PRE>
> >
> ><P>....
> ><P>...
> ></PRE>
> So I'd igore the <P></P> tags and display the contained text without
> adding any of the effects from 'paragraph'.

And you'd be considered "wrong" because of all of the legacy handling
which IE and Netscape do.  The way my parser actually error corrected
this was to stop the PRE.  Which to me is a reasonable choice.  What
I did do was to ammend the dtd for the browser to allow this.

Doug Rand
Silicon Graphics/SSO
Disclaimer: These are my views,  SGI's views are in 3D

Received on Monday, 13 October 1997 12:17:08 UTC