Re: How to get around the lack of a LAYER tag?

Once upon a time shaped the electrons to say...
>     I read that the Netscape LAYER tag was turned down by W3C for 
>     inclusion in HTML v4.  This seems unfortunate as it was a very 

Thankfully yes.  The last thing we need is another needless hack element to
go along with BLINK, SPACER, et al.

>     If I am wrong and there are ways to dynamically manage layered images 
>     in the HTML v4 draft please tell me what I am not seeing.  Thanks,

Presentation does not belong in HTML.  It belongs in styles - and I note
you sent this to www-style so you must realize that.

CSS Positioning allows for the layering, positioning, and dynamic content
of LAYER.  And it does so in a standard manner.  As a bonus NS 4.0 and
MSIE 4.0 both support it.  With more browsers and authoring tools coming.
NS is the lone supporter of LAYER and is likely to remain as such.

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Received on Monday, 13 October 1997 11:27:38 UTC