Re: CSS1 and tables

Chris Wilson wrote:

>The problem is that in the user's hands is not really where you want
>this control to be - that's the problem with me explaining our table
>inheritance behavior as "user stylesheet settings".  The document author
>needs to be able to make some presumptions about how documents will be
>parsed and rendered by default.

Yes, and even "legacy mode" isn't going to allow making those assumptions.
Whose legacy?

>that switch should be linked to the presence of (or the value of) the
><!DOCTYPE>, I don't know - but that seems like a better route for
>attacking the problem.  Comments?

That makes a lot of sense. But I can't see that UA writers are able to
strictly support their own legacy, much less any DTD.

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 9 October 1997 15:50:06 UTC