Re: CSS1 and tables

Chris Wilson wrote:

> <FORM STYLE="font-weight: bold">This is bold.
> <INPUT ID=a>
> <INPUT ID=b>This is not bold.
> </TD></TR>
> </TABLE>
> This is bold again.
> <INPUT ID=c>
> </FORM>

I can see why a default stylesheet should have both font-weight and
alignment declared for TH and TD, and it follows that inheritance would then
not occur. Likewise font-style and font-variant declarations for TABLE, from
where TD and TH will then inherit. But I think a font-size declaration for
TABLE in the default stylesheet is a mistake, regardless of the legacy
rendering of FONT and BASEFONT. The legacy is bad, the behavior

I was relieved, however, to discover that IE4's initial value for font-size
could be overridden by declaring properties on TABLE. It initially looked to
me like IE was emulating NS's treatment, and that it was now impossible to
do relative sizing on table cell contents. I'm afraid I misinterpreted "a
set of internal rules that reset those rendering properties on table cells"
as something other than the default/built-in stylesheet and mistakenly
assumed you weren't supporting inheritance according to the CSS1
recommendation. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Is the default IE4 stylesheet in human-readable form somewhere? The entries
in the W95 registry don't appear to be relevant, as I don't see TABLE, TH,
or TD in there.

David Perrell

Received on Tuesday, 7 October 1997 05:48:15 UTC