Re: DSSSL and WYSIWYG Editing

>I would expect that users will not edit in a fully WYSIWYG environment.
>This is the case in either CSS, DSSSL or any other style sheet language.
>Some style sheet languages may not give you the capability to reorganize
>content but all allow you to make content disappear. The usability
>problems caused by this are exactly the same as those caused by
>reorganized information. "Where did my element go? I typed it in,
>updated the display and it disappeared!" This is a problem even in
>traditional word processors. They also have style sheets that can make
>content disappear.

  A very simple solution to this problem is to have a multi-view editor.
For example in Amaya there is a WYSIWYG view as well as a structure view
showing the content. The styles only applies to the WYSIWYG view. So one
can always check that the content is correct. An alternate view also
provide an way to see how the document would render on a text terminal.


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Received on Tuesday, 6 May 1997 08:24:29 UTC