The my desire to understand DSSSL, I've read through a number of the
online documents but the only application I've worked with so far is
Jade. What I'm trying to find is examples of WYSIWYG editors using DSSSL
or any variant of DSSSL.

All the examples and documents I've seen about DSSSL seem to support a
process oriented approach where a source document (or series of source
documents) is transformed into result document (or series of documents)
and then the resulting document is processed again to add style
characteristics to it.

This leads me to a series of questions:
Does this process lend itself to WYSIWYG editing?
Is the transformation language part of the specification necessary to
supporting the other parts of DSSSL?
Does the DSSSL Online specification, which mainly goes into detail about
style characteristics, also require a transformation of the original
document into a new document?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Received on Monday, 5 May 1997 13:34:10 UTC