Re: ANNC: Cascading Style Sheets Editor

At 1:42 AM 5/6/97, Bert Bos wrote:
>Chris Lilley wrote:
>> On May 5,  5:41pm, Terje Norderhaug wrote:
>> !> The Interaction Cascading Style Sheets Editor was officially released
>> !> today. It is a dialog based CSS editor for the Macintosh.
>> It seems rather nice. Here is a stylesheet that I produced with the CSS
>> editor in a couple of minutes :
>One small error:
>> BODY {
>>    MARGIN-LEFT: 10%;
>>    FONT-FAMILY: "Beautiful 2", "sans serif";
>If this was meant to refer to the generic family sans-serif, it
>should be spelled as
>    sans-serif
>i.e., without quotes and with a dash. But then again, Chris is
>quite likely to select a real font called "sans serif" just to confuse
>everybody :-)

No, the mistake was mine. I'll make sure it gets into the next version of
the Interaction CSS Editor (I have actually already repaired it).

I assume the spec doesn't really require that the generic families (or
names without a space) NOT to be quoted? Not that it is a problem, the
Interaction CSS editor won't quote unless the name has a space. However, I
wouldn't be surprised if some other developers figured they could save
themselves a few lines by writing all font names quoted.

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