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I notice that in IE4 stylesheets don't trump <font> and <basefont>... is
this by design?  (at least on windows)

Of coarse, Netscape4 does just the oppisite (ie, if the same element is
defined by both CSS and <font>, then CSS wins, even if <font> is closer
to the element), which actually makes more sense to me.  I mean, if CSS
would trump <font> then I could include both on a page knowing that if
the user had a CSS browser they will get what I want them to get, but I
can still use <font> for a little while to ensure that my design isn't

does anyone have any suggestions how to get around the fact that IE4
does this?

thanks, josh

ps. please post and email replies...
Josh Paluch
Technical Producer, Creative Services
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Received on Thursday, 31 July 1997 17:54:41 UTC