Proprietary extensions to CSS1 already?

(Apologies if this issue has already been raised)

In Netscape's Dynamic HTML documentation (which still mentions
PR 5 even though 4.01a is the latest version), there is
a section called Chapter 3.1 Dyanmic Fonts [1].
It contains this example:

<STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!-- 
    @fontdef url(;  

No mention is made that @fontdef is an extension to CSS not
covered in the official CSS1 specification, nor even a proposal
offered in the Working Draft on Fonts [2], and that this syntax
is not approved by anyone or supported by anything other than
Navigator 4.x.

Shades of HTML extensions and browser wars, all over again in
a new arena.

P.S. I'm interested if someone else can comment on my "Issue 3"
     post last night regarding background images and block-level
     elements.  I'm not certain if Navigator 4's narrow-background
     interpretation isn't a valid UA choice, or if it's in violation
     of the CSS1 spec as I argued.
E. Stephen Mack <>

Received on Wednesday, 30 July 1997 20:08:04 UTC