Re: alternate font properties

Chris Lilley wrote:
> [I wrote]
> > The size declaration is optional, so in the font
> > shorthand/property, missing quotes is a firm no-no.
> Correct. I think that also means that any unusual fonts called
> small-caps, bold, 700 etc should also be quoted even if they have no
> spaces.
> That should probably go on the erratta list for CSS1.

As others have pointed out, 'quotes not required, font-size required'.

This looks like a case where we both assumed a more versatile modus

It seems sensible (and would have simplified enhancement if required)
to quote all formal font family names to distinguish them from generic
family names. Perhaps such quoting should be recommended in the spec,
rather just for "font names containing whitespace".

As I recall, the first CSS1-supporting MSIE did not support quoted
font-families at all, so maybe the spec is in deference to that first
sample implementation.

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 30 July 1997 18:19:57 UTC