Re: alternate font properties

Liam Quinn wrote:
> Um, without a property name, no :)

Well, a good browser should be able to understand what I mean. :)
> >The size declaration is optional
> No, it's not.  There is no ? after <font-size> at 
> <>.

Ah, so there isn't. Well, then, I guess this 'new, improved font'
really can't be compatible with the current 'font'. Each family name
would have to be prefaced with a font-size.

> It's better form to use quotes, but browsers should be able to handle
> otherwise, assuming that the font-size is properly given.  The spec
> that "Font names containing whitespace should be quoted" [1], but it 
> doesn't say that they must be.

So, as usual, it's "some pain, some gain", and my evidence was
specious. So now I'm thinking a such a change to 'font' is not a good

David Perrell

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 1997 21:06:50 UTC