Re: running IE3 and IE4 on the same computer [was: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings]

 A resounding 'me too'

I think it falls upon content providers/developers to help drag the user
forward in this respect.  The 'this site best viewed with a
fourth-generation browser, please upgrade to either MSIE4 or NN4' campaign
should start here.  I realize that it has become passe to tell a user how to
browse (i.e. resize your window here, set your fonts like this, set your
monitor gamma at, etc, etc, ad naseum), but simply informing users that
they're missing out on great content can be an effective way to bring them
kicking and screaming into the present.  (I remember upgrading to NN2 way
back when for this very reason)


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Subject: running IE3 and IE4 on the same computer [was: Issue 1: Font-weight
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Actually, this is one of the best "features" of the MS browsers.  The worst
part of web development is having to accommodate people who are still using
versions 1 and 2 of Navigator - "crippleware."  The features of the level 4
browsers [vs. level 3 and below] approach the differences between Lynx and
the first version of Mosaic.  At some point, as developers, you have to make
the hard decision to cut off old technologies;  how many of you still write
and/or compile programs that will run on an 8088 or an 80286?  Better still,
any TRS-80 UA authors out there?


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At 10:31 PM 7/26/97 -0400, Liam Quinn wrote:
>(I'd like to
>confirm, but unfortunately Microsoft won't allow me the pleasure of
>running IE3 and IE4 on the same computer.)

May I just say, quickly and with great passion, in full agreement: ARGH!!!


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