Re: Style Sheet Implementations (was Re: Definition of "rule"?)

I wrote:
>Netscape acknowledges some known issues at
>but there is no similar list from Microsoft that I'm aware of.

I've recently found two pages at that have to
do with CSS issues for IE 4.0 pp2.  They are:

According to the first document, IE 4.0 pp2 does not support:
   * word-spacing 
   * !important 
   * first-letter pseudo 
   * first-line pseudo 
   * white-space 

This list appears incomplete, since IE 4.0 pp2 fails many of
the tests found at
notably the auto values for margin-left and margin-right.
E. Stephen Mack <>

Received on Sunday, 27 July 1997 19:37:19 UTC