Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings

Liam Quinn wrote:
> To me, this supports Netscape's implementation.  In the earlier
example of 
> STRONG text within an H1 with font-weight: normal, the STRONG text
has no 
> declarations which apply to it, so the inherited value of
> normal is used.  There is an inherited value, so the initial value is

> discarded.

This depends on whether the default values in the browser are to be
considered a 'reader stylesheet' or something else. The spec is clear
about reader stylesheet declarations taking precedence over
> The CSS1 spec states that inherited values override initial values 
> (

"If no declarations apply, the inherited value is used." If the default
values are declared in a reader stylesheet, the inherited value is not

David Perrell

Received on Sunday, 27 July 1997 14:30:22 UTC