RE: Cascading Style Sheets

Exposure of properties associated with rules in the full stylesheet are
in our proposed CSS Object Model, but are not yet implemented in IE.  We
don't yet implement the rules collection of the stylesheet.  I'd like to
(off-line) hear about your needs for this functionality.

Chris Wilson
Stylesheets Guy
Internet Explorer Team

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> On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Scott Isaacs wrote:
> |In addition, every property can be scripted through IE4's Dynamic
> |object model (for swipe effects, moving elements, accessing and
> changing
> |the contents, changing the appearance, etc) but that is independent
> from
> |CSS.
> But can every property be read from the DOM?  I've had problems where
> only
> inline style rules are accessable to being read, while linked styles,
> or
> styles contained in the head are writable on the object, but not
> readable.
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