Re: Cascading Style Sheets

On Jul 3, 11:31am, Gregory Houston wrote:

> 1.  With <layer>s
> if I define a layer as 128 x 128 pixels with a red background, thats
> exactly what I get. But with CCS, nothing will show up until I put some
> content in the layer, and then the red background color will only appear
> around the text.

You mean, that is what the CSS-P spec says or that is what a particular
implementation does?

> Thus I still have to fool with <table>s if I want to
> use CCS. And ... thus, I'll be sticking with Netscape's <layer> tag
> until this is fixed.

Mail them about it. Have you tried the example in any other browsers?

> 2. Netscape has a much better system of dealing with clipping. I have
> yet to get what I want with CCS positioning. But with <layer>s I have
> full control to animate the clipping. This is much more powerful than
> merely animating the width and height of a layer.

A full example would really help understand your needs here. Can you
post one?

> 3. This part I'm not sure about, but so far I have not been able to add
> a background image to my CSS layers.

Simple. That was in CSS1. And, cursory tests with Navigator 4.01
(Mac version) showed background images working on positioned elements.

> I can do so very easily with
> <layer>s, and those background images can be transparent gifs.

Yes, exactly. Please mail the vendor to describe these flaws, ideally
giving an example that reproducibly demonstrates the bug so that they
can fix it.

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