RE: <br> encoding

We (the HTML-ERB) attempted to solve the BR problem in a more useful way
(e.g., a 'break-before' - 'break-after' property), that would allow
things like run-in headings.  It was decided that it would be a
difficult issue, better delayed until level 2.

Chris Wilson

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>Joel N. Weber, II writes:
>>I'd like to be able to specify <br> within CSS1.
>>I think it could be done as
>>br { width: remaining }
>>(A few other properties would have to be added as well, I think.)
>>`remaining' would simply mean that it would take up all of the space left
>>in the line, but no more.
>>We could alternatively define `remaining' to take a factor, such that
>>`1remaining' would be adaquate for <br>, and `.5remaining' could be used
>>to eat half the space remaining on the line.  However, I can't think of
>>why this would be useful.
>  Currently, Emacs-W3 uses "br { display: line; }" to encode <br> in the
>default stylesheet.  This is a holdover from an old draft of CSS when
>'display' was slated for level 2.  Not sure why it was removed.  Bert?

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