Re: style sheets with ancient browsers

From: Chris Lilley <>

| > Old versions of Lynx don't correctly parse comments, either.  They treat
| > them as unrecognized tags.  So if you embed tags in the comments, lynx
| > acts as if the comment ends at the end of the first commented out tag,
| > and then you see --> on your screen.
| True, but the fault is clearly with older versions of lynx. Later versions
| fix that bug.
| > However, since there are no tags inside <STYLE>, the comment would work.
| Right. There can be no tags inside <STYLE>

Um.  Are you saying "No stylesheet language can ever contain syntax
that looks like HTML tags", or do you really mean "There are no tags
inside STYLE elements whose type is "text/css", or do you mean "There
can be no tags inside <STYLE> because the content of a STYLE element is
not HTML and tags occur only in HTML"?


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