RE: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

[Steve Knoblock:]

| >These aren't contrived or artificial examples; they're dirt-normal
| >commercial publishing.  Without programming, you can't handle even the
| >last one.
| >
| I agree they are real tasks in publishing. But should they be
| generated as they are rendered or as they are authored? Should a style
| language be generating or manipulating content?

It should give you both front-end and back-end processing options,
which DSSSL does (the transformation component makes it a very
powerful tool for use on the back end).

The general question of whether it's ever necessary to provide text
processing at the client is a very good one.  You could argue that all
program functions should live on the server and that the client should
never see anything but simple style declarations.  (Our hardware
people like this view a lot. :-) I won't argue this here, but I will
point out that if all the processing takes place on the server, then
you don't need stylesheets as separate entities -- if the server is
generating the output on the fly, it's not significantly harder to
embed style directives in individual start tags than it is to
synthesize a stylesheet for a given document.  I tried to point this
out last year, but I think that most people don't want to hear it.


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