RE: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

If all processing is done on the server, you're essentially shipping RTF
to the client... and you've either collected a lot of information about
your environment from the client (information that many people don't
want to provide to just anyone), or made a lot of assumptions.  Our
software people like this view a lot.

Chris Wilson

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>The general question of whether it's ever necessary to provide text
>processing at the client is a very good one.  You could argue that all
>program functions should live on the server and that the client should
>never see anything but simple style declarations.  (Our hardware
>people like this view a lot. :-) I won't argue this here, but I will
>point out that if all the processing takes place on the server, then
>you don't need stylesheets as separate entities -- if the server is
>generating the output on the fly, it's not significantly harder to
>embed style directives in individual start tags than it is to
>synthesize a stylesheet for a given document.  I tried to point this
>out last year, but I think that most people don't want to hear it.
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